PulseNet: Under the Microscope

A series of updates and hints from the PulseNet method development laboratory.

Volume 1: PDF Capturing a Gel and Adjusting the Settings for Analysis

Volume 2: PDF DNA stains for agarose gels (ethidium bromide, SYBR Safe, SYBR Gold, GelRed)

Volume 3: PDF A comparison of agaroses for PFGE (Seakem Gold, Agarose III, Megabase, PFGE Agarose). 

PulseNet Newsletters

The PulseNet News is published by PulseNet USA 3 times a year and aims to improve communication within the network, by providing a forum for the dissemination of news and method developments. The newsletter also promotes PulseNet activities to areas outside of the PulseNet network. Past issues can be downloaded from the PulseNet USA website (link to PulseNet CDC page for PulseNet newsletter)

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the PulseNet News newsletter, e-mail Lisa Theobald, PulseNet News Editor.

Issues describing international PulseNet network activities can be downloaded here:

Download PDF of newsletter volume 7

Newsletter volume 7

Volume 7, issue 1 2007

  • PulseNet USA Providence meeting
  • 2006 Western regional Pulsenet meeting
  • PulseNet Middle East consultation
  • Fourth PulseNet Asia Pacific meeting
  • STEC meeting
  • Anatomy of foodborne outbreak
  • Lab profile Hawaii

adobe acrobat pdf icon Volume 7, issue 1 2007 [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Download PulseNet Latin America news PDF

PulseNet Latin America News

2007 Special Edition - PulseNet Latin America

  • 2006 PulseNet Latin America Annual Meeting
  • Development of PulseNet Latin America 2003-2006
  • Training workshops for Latin-American PulseNet participants
  • Colombia surveillance to control foodborne disease
  • Tour of the network
  • Case study and evaluation of PFGE protocols for Enterobacter sakazakii

adobe acrobat pdf icon 2007 Special Edition - PulseNet Latin America [PDF, 2.8 MB]

Download PNAPnews PDF


2004 Special Edition – PulseNet Asia Pacific

  • Expanding the net
  • Workshop 2004
  • Country focus

adobe acrobat pdf icon 2004 Special Edition – PulseNet Asia Pacific [PDF, 512 KB]

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