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Association of Public Health Laboratories

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) collaborates with the CDC Enteric Disease Laboratory Branch to provide support for state and local laboratories that participate in PulseNet.  The Association created the full-time position of PulseNet Program Manager in 2001 and has hired several contractors over the years to further support the role of public health laboratories in PulseNet.

APHL facilitates the development and delivery of technical training workshops for participating laboratories as needed.  APHL promotes timely, standardized testing of the highest quality and assists state and local laboratories in meeting certification requirements and developing strategies to resolve problems.

APHL works to facilitate communication between CDC, Area laboratories, and the laboratories they support.

Through a cooperative agreement with CDC, APHL provides resources to support PulseNet laboratories in performing applied research aimed at the development of next generation subtyping methods.  This method of subtyping may be easier to standardize than PFGE and could serve to replace or complement existing protocols.

APHL coordinates the annual Integrated Foodborne Outbreak Response and Management Conference (InFORM). This conference allows laboratories from the PulseNet network to discuss changes in testing practices, technology and data exchange.  This forum provides an important opportunity to address common challenges as well as opportunities for continued improvement and expansion of the network.

For additional information, please contact:

Kristy Kubota, PulseNet Program Manager. PulseNet APHL Website(external link)

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