PulseNet USA has developed a set of quality control and quality assurance standards to be followed when subtyping foodborne bacterial pathogens with any of the approved standardized protocols. Strict adherence to standardized procedures is essential to the operation of PulseNet and to ensure that the data submitted to the PulseNet USA PFGE National database is of the highest quality possible. All PulseNet CDC laboratories must comply with the prescribed quality assurance standards in order to continue to participate in PulseNet.

The PulseNet USA Task Force is committed to assisting all PulseNet participating laboratories (PulseNet USA and PulseNet International) in achieving the highest quality of data before submitting patterns to the databases in the respective countries or regions. Part of that commitment consists of the development and implementation of standardized laboratory protocols and software analysis parameters that would enable the exchange and comparison of molecular fingerprinting data between laboratories.


The PulseNet USA QAQC manual [PDF, 13 MB] is available for use as a template to assist all PulseNet International participating laboratories in the development of their own QA/QC manual and program. PulseNet laboratories are encouraged to adopt these standards whenever possible and to modify them in a manner consistent with the internal policies or guidelines established by their institution, state or country.

The manuals are available for download [PDF, 13 MB] and include the following standard operating procedures: General (PNG SOPs), Laboratory (PNL SOPs), Database (PND SOPs), and QAQC (PNQ SOPs).

For further information please contact the PulseNet International Coordinator.

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