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Foodborne illnesses do not respect any borders. As a result of increasing international trade, food produced in one country may be consumed in a different part of the world and cause disease if contaminated with a foodborne pathogen.

Similarly, international travel is increasing and it is possible to get to almost any destination from almost any place in the world in a matter of hours. Therefore, a disease contracted in one part of the world may first become apparent thousands of miles away.

PulseNet International is a network of National and regional laboratory networks dedicated to tracking foodborne infections world-wide. Each laboratory utilizes standardized genotyping methods, sharing information in real-time.Link to WGS

The resulting surveillance provides early warning of food and waterborne disease outbreaks, emerging pathogens, and acts of bioterrorism.

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What's available on this site?
International > Learn about PulseNet International, including coming events, past events, the steering committee, contacts, and partners and affiliates. New to PulseNet? Read an introduction to the technology.
Networks > Regional and National networks each have a page with information and links. Click the tab, the map above, or see a larger map on the Networks page.
Outbreaks > Read about some outbreaks where PulseNet systems was active: recent outbreaks, outbreaks by year, or check the outbreak index to find all those summarised on this site. All outbreaks have links to the original media report or journal article if it's available online.
Molecular Typing > Protocols and techniques, including PFGEMLVA, and now Whole Genome Sequencing, along with Bionumerics usage guidelines, troubleshooting tips and quality assurance information. The primary area for downloading technical references.
Publications > PulseNet-related published papers, newsletters and presentations.

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